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Green Coconut: 100 Cures One Medicine

Coconut holds a magical liquid that can do amazing things for your health. Nature has placed cures for more than 100 diseases in coconut only. It holds the key to unlocking fertility’s mysteries. It helps in sugar control in blood and considered good medicine to treat the diabetic type 2 patients.

Coconut is available in two major kinds. Some coconuts are brown in color and some others are green. Brown coconuts are at a more mature stage of development than green coconuts. It takes about 12 months for a coconut fruit to reach full maturity. During this period, the fruit increases in size and changes in color from green to brown.

Brown coconut can be eaten and drunk as well, but green is meant for drink only. Its water is considered very beneficial for health because it is considered good for the treatment of various gastrointestinal diseases. Green coconut is considered very good medicine for diabetic people also. It is enriched with vitamin D which is useful in bone weakness. It also controls blood pressure and gastric diseases.

Dr. Maryam Rana is a famous Gynecologist working in Lady Willingdon Hospital Lahore. She is also a part of faculty members at King Edward Medical College Lahore. She, while talking on her vlogs, recommends coconut water to people suffering from fertility problems. Its water is so helpful in conceiving to the mature stage of a baby in making skin, hair and nails formation. These are the reasons behind these thoughts that drinking coconut water will make the baby beautiful. “If the baby is healthy then the baby is beautiful.” said Maryam Rana.

Green coconut water contains essential nutrients that increase metabolism in the body and reduce chances for heart attack. Its water is an enriched antioxidant which reduces inflammation in human bodies. It is full of vitamins e.g. zinc, copper, magnesium and selenium that improves the body defense system. “It cures more than 100 diseases,” said nutritionist Dr. Fahad Artani.

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