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Aima Baig allegedly cheated on Shahbaz Shigri with Qes Ahmed

Aima Baig allegedly cheated on Shahbaz Shigri with Qes Ahmed, ex boyfriend of British model.

Taloulah Mair, a British model accuses pop singer Aima Baig that she was cheating on Shahbaz Shigri with Taloulah’s ex-boyfriend Qes Ahmed.

After months of speculation, singer has confirmed she and her fiance, actor Shahbaz Shigri, have parted ways. The former couple announced engagement last year. ”Yes, I will always respect this person for giving me a good time”, Aima shared in a statement.

Aima was not in engagement relation when she met Qes Ahmed ?

On September 16, singer Aima Baig confirmed her split with ex-fiance actor Shahbaz Shigri in an Instagram post that was soon deleted. Few days later, in a surprising turn of events, she was accused of cheating on Shigri with filmmaker Qes Ahmed by British supermodel Taloulah Mair. British model shares a video of accusing pop singer Aima Baig which gone viral on social media. Not only this, she uses her Instagram account to public the mobile audio call of her private talk.

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Taloulah Mair shares a lot of stories accusing Aima for cheating her boy friend. She said that Aima has gotten her account blocked. She has claimed that Pakistan singer “Aima tried to use the rape card on my ex boyfriend”.

After two days of complete silence by the singer and brutal trolling on the internet about the same, Aima finally took to Instagram to address the controversy surrounding her personal life. Her note doesn’t give a clear answer to whether the accusations levelled against her are true or not, she does however say that people should check the “authenticity” of the proof provided and not believe in half-baked stories posted for “money” and “followers.”

Aima Baig break out Silence !

“Bol liya aap sab nay? Karlia bully ya abhi bhi or thora rehta ha to wo bhi karlain. [Have you all said your peace? Have you bullied me enough or have you still got some more left to do, go ahead and do it.] Without even knowing the entire truth. Ab main thora sa kuch boloun [now can I say a little something]?” she asked in a long note penned in a series of Instagram stories posted on Wednesday evening.




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