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Pakistan Women Are Not Less Than Any Miracle!

International Women Day: Pakistan Women Are Not Less Than Any Miracle, Do Modern Women are More Radical…?

Importance of women’s day

8th March (women day) is a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural & political achievements of women around the world. Pakistani Women are also making their efforts to make their country socially, economic and politically enrich. They have left no stone unturned in peace & prosperity of Pakistan and considered as backbone to the country. It sees women while serving in judiciary,military forces, politics, showbiz, sports, hospitals, education and in many other social setups working on high ranks, which is a proof that women in Pakistan are coming forward in every field.

Committed to peace and security, Pakistani women are making their mark and leaving a legacy to inspire more women to join the mission. Pakistan has achieved the goal of deployment of 15 per cent female staff officers as nearly 450 women have served in UN missions.

Women are setting an example that they can do everything they want and are not less than any miracle. In a society where women have to choose either to carry on their career or to make families, they are showing that both can be done -in a very inspiring way making an example for their male members. Woman from any color, race or religion are free in Pakistani society to live their life with only a minor exceptions due to lack of education or being unaware of women rights in some areas. But overall in today, women in Pakistan are considered free and enjoying more independence than the previous ones. Instead, they are playing their key role in every field of life.

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Most recently, we see Maryam Nawaz Shareef and Aseefa Bhutto working as political activist and playing their leading role in Pakistan’s Democracy. In past, we also see Begum Late Kalsoom Nawaz’s efforts for democracy cause.

when she is a Mother, Jannah lies under her feet, when she is a wife, She completes half of faith and when she is a Daughter, She opens a door of jannah for her father

Islam Emphasis More on Women Rights

Talking to religion, Islam emphases more on women rights. The holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW said in his last sermon, In the matter of women, fear Allah and accept my will to do good to them. Islam gave a lot of respect to woman that no other religion gives at all.For example it changed the status of women from slavery to respectable status in society. Islam, for the first time- in the age of ignorance, broke the chain of being dying due to her female status by giving life to women and accepting their family status into society. This way Islam considered them an asset to society talked more on their rights in Surah An-Nisa in Holy Quran. No other religion can give this value to women.

For example, The Right to LIVE, EQUALITY of Reward for Their Deeds, The Right & Duty to Obtain EDUCATION, The Right to Obtain PROVISIONS from Her Father & Brother Until She Gets Married, Right to Have Their Own Independent PROPERTY.

Miracle Women

Pakistani women are not less than any miracle. They make their families all the day, support their husband and also make their efforts to the national stream a well. Most of the Pakistan’s population belongs to women, which is a blessing for the society. We have strong history of women participating in Pakistan Movement led by Miss Fatima Jinnah. She always supported Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s mission and worked alongside her brother day and night to achieve a dream like Pakistan.

Fatima Jinnah

Miss Fatima Jinnah was the most prominent woman who actively participated in the movements of Pakistan before the independence. Fatima Jinnah’s role was nothing less than a beacon of hope for the Muslim woman then.

Benazir Bhutto Shaheed

Another outstanding lady from Pakistan was Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto who claimed the honour of becoming the first-ever Female Prime Minister of any Muslim country in modern history. She served the nation twice as the Prime Minister. She was the first woman to head a democratic government in a Muslim majority country. Ideologically a liberal and a secularist, she chaired or co-chaired the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) from the early 1980s until 2007.

Marium Mukhtar Martyr Fighter Pilot

Mariam Mukhtar is another courageous lady who, in 2014, became Pakistan’s female fighter pilot, following in the footsteps of Ayesha Farooq. Due to a major technical multi-function, the courageous lady sacrificed her valuable life during a normal training session.

Arfa Karim The Youngest Microsoft Expert

“Arfa Karim Randhawa” In recognition of the young Pakistani woman who displayed her intellect by becoming the youngest Microsoft certified information technology professional. You will be missed greatly!
The entire country is proud of you!

Tahira Qazi Martyr of APS Attack

Tahira Qazi is a true example of bravery in the face of terror. During the stormed terrorist attack of Army Public School Peshawar, she was evacuated but she went back to evacuate students. She chose to stay there and sacrificed her life for the sake of the students.

Shamim Akhtar Empowering Women

Meet another brave lady of Pakistan “Shamim Akhtar” who broke all the stereotypes and gender-based obstacles by becoming Pakistan’s first female truck driver. She took the decision after seeing her family going through tough financial conditions and made history.

First Female Lieutenant General Nigar Johar

Lieutenant General Nigar Johar Khan is a three-star general in the Pakistan Army. Nigar Johar is the first and only woman in the history of Pakistan Army to reach the rank of lieutenant-general, and the third to reach the rank of major-general. She belongs to the Pakistan Army Medical Corps and currently serves as the surgeon general of Pakistan Army and Colonel commandant of Army Medical Corps.

First Female Chief Justice Ayesha Malik

Justice Ayesha Malik, the 1st female Supreme Court Judge in judicial history of Pakistan and the first woman to reach the position of Chief Justice Pakistan in the Islamic world. On 6 January 2022, the Judicial Commission of Pakistan approved her appointment to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. She took her oath of office on 24 January 2022.

We see Pakistan women working in all government departments now. These departments also facilitate them by offering women reserve seats to make them a socially stable icon in Pakistan. Other than taking care, women are also working for the economic betterment of their family members today.




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