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FATF Removes Pakistan from it’s “Grey List”

FATF removes Pakistan from it’s Grey list.

According to the details, the important meeting of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) was held on Friday. A meeting was held in Singapore under the chairmanship of T Rajkumar.

Earlier, FATF has declared the implementation of FATF action plan by Pakistan as satisfactory and before the final announcement of removing Pakistan from the gray list, the FATF team has also physically visited Pakistan and expressed its satisfaction.

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PM of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif shares Aap sab ko bohat bohat Mubarak. PM Shahbaz Sharif and his team members gave credit to civil-military joint efforts for this success.

Finance Minister of Pakistan Mr. Ishaq Dar congratulates nation on removal from FATF Grey List now. He shares in a tweet, "Heartiest congratulations to the Nation on removal of Pakistan’s name today from the FATF’s “grey list”. Efforts of the civil-military team under the leadership of PM Shahbaz Sharif in achieving this goal are highly commendable. Pakistan Zindabad.

In order to get out of the FATF gray list, on the orders of Army Chief General Bajwa, a Special Cell headed by Major Gen was established in GHQ, which ensured the implementation of all the points; Effective action against money laundering, terror financing, extortion, kidnapping for ransom, target killing; And today was a great success!




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