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Korean Air A330 Crash Lands in Bad Weather in The Philippines.

Korean Air A330 Crash Lands in Bad Weather in The Philippines.

A Korean Air plane overran the runway while attempting to land during bad weather in the Philippines yesterday (Oct 23).

As per details, the Airbus A330-300 aircraft had tried to land twice before the incident. Korean Airlines Flight KE631, an A330 with 176 aboard, is involved in an incident in Cebu City (Philippines). Preliminary info points the jetliner had a runway excursion while on a 3rd landing attempt in bad weather.All 162 passengers and 11 crew members safe after a Korean Airlines overshot Mactan Airport runway.

The runway remains temporarily closed after the incident. Korean Air Lines Co Ltd jet with 173 people on board overshot the runway at Cebu International Airport in the Philippines late on Sunday, the airline said, adding that there were no injuries and all passengers had evacuated safely.

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Korean Air confirms that one of its airplanes overshot its runway at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. The airline company says that the incident, which occurred on Sunday, Oct. 23, was caused by “worsening weather during landing.”The damaged Korean A330 remains stuck in the grass at a Philippine airport after it overshot a runway in rainy weather.

The second-biggest airport in the Philippines remains close after a Korean Air Lines plane overshoots the runway while trying to land in poor weather. An Airbus operated by Korean Air has crash-landed in bad weather and poor visibility after trying to land twice at Cebu International Airport (CEB) in the Philippines on Sunday night.

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No one was hurt and all 173 people on board were evacuated, says the officials airline. The plane departed from Seoul’s Incheon International Airport and carried 11 crew members and 162 passengers. According to the airline, all managed to escape emergency slides without serious injuries.



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