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PayPal Pakistan should be at the Forefront of Government Priorities

PayPal Pakistan should be at the forefront of Government Priorities.

Enablers CEO Saqib Azhar along with his co-workers initiated a social campaign on over all social media platforms to voice for Paypal Operations in Pakistan. PayPal is available in 202 countries. Almost the entire world now has PayPal apart from only a few countries (see approved list for Paypal worldwide) . Pakistan has 1 Million Freelancers and is currently at 4th Number in the Entire World. Pakistan shares a wide spectrum of E commerce but yet Pakistan is deprived of its operations. After a change in it’s government, freelancers requested new government to bring Paypal to Pakistan.

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PayPal is an American company that was founded in 1998. It operates in several major countries worldwide, but not in Pakistan. Currently, PayPal had more than 400 million users worldwide and generated more than $25 billion in revenue per year. Paypal is a viral online payment platform that makes it incredibly easy to send money abroad.

Why Paypal ?

Local freelancers have always denounced the lack of PayPal in Pakistan, but now the issue is attracting attention again. #PayPal is trending again on Twitter, with thousands demanding an official launch in Pakistan. The tweet also cites a 2019 CNBC article showing the ten fastest-growing freelance markets. Pakistan was the fourth name on the list, with a 47% growth in self-employment earnings year-on-year (2018).

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Paypal Should be among Priority List of New Government

The latest trend comes amid the recent change of government in Pakistan. The PMLN’s Shehbaz Sharif has replaced former Prime Minister Imran Khan, and people are taking the opportunity to demand the changes sought. PayPal is very important payment gateway for the ppl working online & making money. This will also benefit Pakistan country to support it’s economy and to boost its exports. Government authorities must do something solid to bring Paypal operations in Pakistan.




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