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Pakistan May Go into Digital Crisis Forever

Digital Crisis: After electricity and gas, Pakistani consumers may also have to bear the load shedding of internet and mobile phone service.

Internet and mobile phone service providers say that fuel costs to run communication equipment are increasing unnecessarily, and that they will have to shut down their facilities if the government does not resolve several issues.

Digital Load Shedding

Islamabad: Citizens of Pakistan may now face digital load shedding after electricity and gas load shedding. According to media reports, internet and mobile phone service provider companies say that fuel costs for running communication devices. As the homeless are on the rise, they will have to cut off their facilities if the government does not address the many issues they face.

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Mobile service providers in Pakistan have asked the government to improve license fees and dollar-linked payments for mobile spectrum, otherwise cases will shift to service. According to telecom service providers, the current During the year, the price of electricity and fuel, increase in interest rate and depreciation of rupee has increased the cost of their services.

Digital Crisis for Mobile Companies

A senior official of a mobile phone company said that paying license fees and other costs in dollars to charge their services in rupees has become very difficult and is impacting their overall performance. According to Amir Ibrahim, The Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Company Jazz, mobile operators are facing a digital emergency due to payment of fuel, electricity, interest rate, license fee and other expenses in US currency i.e. dollars.

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He said further that electricity, battery and fuel costs for our towers, which provide internet to customers, have become very expensive for us. We charge customers in rupees while spectrum which we pay is connected to dollar. Dollar is getting unstable due to failure in government policies, which may cause Pakistan permanent into digital crisis.




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