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Russia Warns of Using Nuclear Weapons

President Putin says, if Russia’s integrity is threatened, It will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons. St. Petersburg: Russian President Putin said that they will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons if the integrity of Russia is threatened. Russia also has transferred the first batch of nuclear weapons to Belarus.

Russian President Putin said during an economic forum in St. Petersburg that the arms delivery phase will be completed by the summer, and that Russia does not think It will need to resort to nuclear weapons at this time. He further said that nuclear weapons will be used only when there are threats to the territory or state of Russia.

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In his speech, Putin claimed that Russia has more weapons than NATO countries, so they are moving towards disarmament talks. He added that the Russian army could destroy any building in the center of Kiev, but they did not, and tried to provoke them by launching attacks near Moscow. The Russian president revealed that the loss of the Ukrainian army during the retaliation is really huge. This is more than 10 times the losses of the Russian army.

Speaking about the damage to the equipment of the Ukrainian army, Putin commented that the damage to the equipment is increasing every day. To date, the Ukrainian army has lost 186 tanks and 418 armored vehicles of various models.

On the other hand, US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken says that there are no indications that Russia intends to use nuclear weapons to attack Ukraine. It should be noted that the government of Belarus is a key ally of Russia in the war against Ukraine.



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