Free of Cost Test-Tube Baby Facility in Punjab

Maternal Health : Free of Cost Test-Tube Baby Facility in Punjab Government Hospitals

The Punjab government has announced to offer test-tube baby, or in-vitro fertilization (IVF) , to people facing fertility problems free of cost at a public hospital.

Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid said that the facility (Maternal Health) will be available at Lahore’s Mother & Child Hospital which is expected to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan in June this year. The IVF procedure is already being offered by multiple private hospitals across the country but it is for the first time in Pakistan that government announced the facility free of cost for public.

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Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid said that the medical facility will provide treatment for people suffering from pregnancy complications due to physiological or fertility issues. In IVF process, the baby grows in a controlled glass jar as an embryo, and later it is put in the mother’s womb.

In 2017, the Federal Shariat Court declared legal status for the IVF procedures in conceiving babies for married couples in Pakistan.

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