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A Walk to Remember | A New Journey to 2022

Nature Beauty | A Walk to Remember |Enjoying Hiking in Pyrenees | A New Journey to 2022. Travel Blog taken from Aurore Valette’s diary (a young french Athlete).

Nature Beauty: Every one wants to be happy and to satisfy with his/her life. To satisfy, they adopt different habits and take measures to remain busy in different healthy activities. Some choose to write, eat, sleep, read or travel while the others choose to do sports, play or have fun. For me, I do sports as I have strong passion for sports. Some times, other than doing sports activities I also travel with my friends and family members. I love meeting people and sharing life experiences with different thoughts from alternative minds.

Life is full of Beauty, Notice it !

Any body who wants to get fresh, regain it’s strengths and to overcome negative life aspects, I would advise those to go on travel. Travelling to hill stations, mountains and natural sites give you more zeal and passion toward s life. Life is beautiful and no one wants to waist it on meaning less aims and goals. I would like to share my own experience while I was on travel with my friends. For travelling If anyone wants to see beauty or have a chance to feel the nature very close, I would say to go on some mountains or hill stations.

A Walk to Remember

Life is Beautiful, Live it Fully

Aurore Valette

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It is a fact that there are so many beautiful and natural places Internationally to visit but travelling towards Switzerland is not less than a miracle. It’s so beautiful that it is recognized as a peace of heaven. It is one of my dream to be there one day. But, other than Switzerland, there are many other beautiful natural places which are not less than it (i.e Pyrenees). The scenes are so attractive and life taking there in Pyrenees that when ever I think of those memories, it feels me like my soul is all left in those mountains which I visited once in my life. It remains a cause of permanent happiness to me. Most of the snowfall here starts from January and continues till March. During these months the temperature drops drastically and usually goes below zero degree.

Why Pyrenees ?

Pyrenees is home to some of the best hiking trails in the world, making it an ideal destination for a hiking trip, as dozens of ski resorts can be found on both sides of the Pyrenees. The Pyrenees are a mountain range in southwestern Europe, extended in length in an east-west direction over a distance of approximately 430 kilometres from the Mediterranean Sea (Cap de Creus) to the Bay of Biscay (Cap Higuer). The highest point in the Pyrenees is the Aneto peak (3,404 meters), located in Spanish territory. They mark the border between Spain and France and are also home to the Principality of Andorra. This range also provide a best chance for skiing which is one of reason of my emotional attachments to that place. Skiing is one of the best sport that provides you life spirit and builds confidence in you. It also makes you stronger inside.

A Walk to Remember


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