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Ban on Christmas and New Year celebrations due to Omicron Fear

New Year Celebrations: In the last 24 hours, reports says more than 2.5 million cases in the United States. Meanwhile, India and Israel, as well as several European countries, banned Christmas and New Year celebrations due to increasing cases. In view of the prevailing cases, strict travel bans have been imposed and medical personnel above 60 years of age have been allowed to administer the fourth dose of the vaccine.

New Year Celebrations

New corona virus epidemics and new wave of cases have led to new restrictions. According to media reports, the number of cases worldwide due to corona virus is once again increasing rapidly. Since then, new sanctions have been introduced in several countries, including Europe and the United States.

The new wave of corona virus has created an atmosphere of fear and panic all over France, while about 800 people have diagnosed with the new variant of corona virus, Omicron virus. While 170 people had lost their lives to the virus in this country. French Health Minister Olivier Vieran fears about Christmas and New Year celebrations could lead to more Omicron cases in Country. More than 84,000 cases have reported in France in a single day.

According to reports, the corona virus has gone out of control in France, while 91,608 new cases have reported in the last 24 hours. There is a record number of outbreaks. According to reports, another 179 people died from corona, bringing the total number of deaths to 123,095, while 3,147 people have admitted to the intensive care unit.

French Health Minister Olivier Vieran has said that the number of cases of Covid 19 daily in France will exceed 100,000 by the end of December. On average, more than 54,000 cases have reported in the last seven days, but authorities fear that the emergence of Omicron has changed the nature of the epidemic.

The health minister added that 20 per cent of Omicron cases’re reported in France and 35 per cent in Paris. That France, unlike some European neighbors like the Netherlands, has not re-imposed strict sanctions to reduce the spread of Corona before Christmas. However, Paris has already canceled New Year’s celebrations, while Germany has limited the number to 10, with nightclubs closed and large gatherings and celebrations, including football matches, get banned.



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