France suspended 3,000 health workers for not getting vaccinated

In France, 3,000 employees of hospitals, care homes and health centers have been suspended. The French government has suspended these health workers for failing to comply with orders for the country’s mandatory code 19 vaccine.

On the other hand, France citizens continue to protest against mandatory vaccination and vaccine cards/passports. Earlier today, Paris residents took it to the street again to stand against mandatory vaccination. Not only in France but citizens of Italy, UK, Canada, Chicago, New York, South Africa and many other countries are also protesting at large against mandatory vaccination.

Last week, things got tensed in Paris, France at the protest against the domestic vaccine pass. Police tried to prevent the front of the protest from moving and marching towards shopping malls and market places. They used huge tear gas at the protests without any gender discrimination. Women were also severely abused by the paris police. The French Minister of Health said that most of the suspensions are temporary while many employees have decided to get vaccinated.

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