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Emirates Jobs Openings for Cabin Crew in UAE

Emirates, a leading airline in the world, announces multiple job opportunities in UAE for individuals seeking to enhance their careers in the aviation industry. With competitive salaries starting from 4000 AED and attractive benefits, Emirates offers a unique chance to work with a diverse and dynamic team. A career in UAE, the benefits and salaries offered by Emirates, requirements, and how to apply for these Emirates Job Opportunities is detailed as below…

UAE Jobs Opportunities

UAE is known for its booming economy and diverse workforce. Many expats consider the country a perfect destination for career growth. Emirates careers UAE offers an unparalleled opportunity for talented individuals to join a thriving company that values professional development and growth. With various UAE job openings, you can find positions that align with your skills and experience, boosting your career in the aviation sector.

JobsInternational/ UAE
Salary4000 AED
Emirates Jobs 2023

Why Emirates !

Emirates, a part of the Emirates Group, is an international aviation holding company headquartered in Garhoud, near Dubai International Airport. Known for their excellent customer service, Emirates Airlines, Emirates SkyCargo, and Danata are subsidiaries of the Emirates Group. Dnata provides ground handling services for Emirates Airlines at 126 airports worldwide, further expanding Emirates employment opportunities for individuals across the globe.

Job Benefits

Emirates offers market-leading pay and an attractive benefits package for all its employees. The tax-free salary, coupled with other benefits such as alternative cash or transport, medical and life insurance, support for children’s education, annual leave, annual travel, end-of-service benefits, pension schemes, and special discounts and promotions, makes Emirates hiring in UAE a top choice for job seekers.


Emirates has specific eligibility criteria for its various positions. For cabin crew positions, applicants must have:

An arm reach of 212cm when standing on tips of your toes.
A minimum height of 160cm.
Minimum high school graduate status.
Fluency in English.
No visible tattoos when wearing an Emirates uniform.
Physical fitness and an ideal Body Mass Index (BMI).
For other positions, qualifications may vary, but a positive attitude, punctuality, and team-oriented nature are always prioritized.

How to Apply ?

To apply for Emirates Airline jobs in Dubai through official LinkedIn profiles.



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