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ENISA Released her New Song “Just A Kiss” (Muah)

Famous singer ENISA has released her new song ENISA – Just A Kiss (Muah) on this night.

The new song “Just A Kiss” took social media by storm as soon as it is released and within a few hours it is viewed by thousands of people on YouTube alone. ENISA shared the video of her new song on social media which is being loved by her fans and appreciated for her magical voice as always.

ENISA-singer can be seen with Jarred Harper- an american actor in her song video picture. ENISA looks gorgeous in picturing her new song video while wearing white, black and purple outfit. The singer is hopeful for this song also be liked by her followers as before. Her majestic work can be seen in video shoot.

See the new song ENISA – Just A Kiss (Muah)

In her previous songs, every one enjoys “Count My Blessings” song by ENISA a year back. She also celebrated for 52 Million views on “Count My Blessings” on second last week. These two songs “Count My Blessings” & “Zoom” that were released earlier got a great response from her fans.

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ENISA seems confident that fans will love her work this time as well. In her public message she shares, My NEW song “Just a Kiss (Muah)” ? is OUT NOW! Music Video is out on my YouTube, watch it! ? Use this sound in your videos & Let’s make this song travel the world ? MUAH ?.

Since the song has been released, wish the actress and singer all the best to make this song super hit popular and break the previous records.



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