Don’t worry, everything will be okay, says ISI Chief after landing in Kabul

Do Not worry Everything will be okay. Pakistan’s intelligence said during an interview with British Channel 4 in Kabul on Saturday. 

When the reporter asked, “What do you hope will come out of this? What do you hope is going to happen in Afghanistan?”, the Pakistani intelligence replied, “We are working for peace and stability in Afghanistan.”

“Don’t worry, everything will be okay,” Lt-General Faiz Hameed

Lt Gen Faiz Hameed spent a busy day in Kabul in meetings and working with Pakistan’s Ambassador Mansoor Ahmed Khan and his team on issues of repatriation and transit through Pakistan and the situation on the border.

Do not worry Everything will be okay
DG ISI LT-Gen Faiz Hameed in a talk to reporter

A local TV channel reported that the ISI Chief  will discuss matters with the Afghan Taliban. These matters are related to the issue of pending requests from countries and international organisations for repatriation/transit through Pakistan. He will also deliberate on the need to determine a mechanism through which Islamabad could allow these, in coordination with the ground authorities in Afghanistan. The border management is another important issue. This will come under discussion during the day-long visit of Lt Gen Faiz Hameed.

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The officials will look into the matter to ensure that the mechanism of transit through Pakistan. Under this mechanism will facilitate Afghans to cross the border on a daily basis and then return. DG ISI will also hold discussions on the overall security issue to ensure that spoilers and terrorist organisations do not take advantage of the situation.

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