Western Wave in Holy Saudi Arabia

Modernized Saudi Arabia: A New Wave of Modernism in Saudi Arabia : If Saudi Society Is really Changing Now ?

On a recent Friday night at Medd Café, the outdoor patio was crowded with young men and women. Many of the women wore their hair uncovered and their Abayas open over jeans and sneakers, styling them more like long, fluid jackets than the traditional all-covering gowns. A couple at The Boulevard was seen in romantic mood while going through streets of Riyadh. It truly represents a picture of Modernized Saudi Arabia.

Saudi women while in market place

The Kingdom has been wide measures and effective steps in promoting new initiatives, services, Art and culture throughout the country. The foremost reason for such activities is the pro-active persuasion of Saudi Vision 2030 set by the Kingdom. Riaz al-Zamil, head of the National Committee for Entrepreneurship in the Federation of Saudi Chambers and chairman of the Entrepreneurship Committee in the Riyadh Chamber, has revealed the secret behind the growing trend of business people in Saudi Arabia investing in coffee shop activities. Also investment will further strengthen the market and it will have a positive return. We will not forget that Riyadh is undergoing a great development in various fields. Which is providing investment opportunities for everyone, whether in cafes or other sectors.

In an exclusive interview with Arab TV, Al-Zamil, he added that most investments are considered attractive for those who want to enter into the coffee shops market but cafes are unique because of their high profit margins. There are not many obstacles in the way of investment in this sector. Immediate financial flow along with the market and hence the demand for this activity may increase.

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