Several killed in Saudi led War on Yemen: killing Innocents

Airstrikes in Yemen last night killed more than 300 people dead and caused a nationwide internet blackout. The UK government is complicit in these crimes through arming and training the Saudi-led war on Yemen. Since last night, massive deaths have been reported in Yemen by Saudi targeted operation with F16, F15 war Jets killing women & children.

They’ve targeted Internet cables into the country, bombed homes, hospitals, sports arenas and prisons. Hundreds of civilians martyred or buried alive. Sana’a (capital of Yemen) is living through violent attacks similar to the 1st days of the war in 2015. Air raids hitting capital Sanaa, whose population 4 million (2017) with F16,F15 war jets. More than 300 martyred with many wounded in a central prison in Saada. Bombing of Saudi and UAE have killed more than 300 in different parts of Yemen, including Sanaa, Saada, Al-Hudaydah, etc., since yesterday, and they are still bombing insanely.

Since last night the Saudi/UAE/Israel/USA/UK coalition of death has been committing unhinged genocide in Yemen, killing innocent women & children & the whole world sits silently. Saudi Arabia’s barbaric bombing of Yemen last night has killed and injured hundreds of civilians and wiped out the Internet nationwide in an attempt to conceal their crimes. This is a UK-US-backed genocide but the western Media is silence over it. A renowned International News Agency has revealed a massive weapon deal between KSA and UK recently.

“There are many bodies still at the scene of the airstrike, many missing people,” Mr. Mahat said in a statement, citing a Doctors Without Borders colleague in Saada. “It is impossible to know how many people have been killed. It seems to have been a horrific act of violence.”

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