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FIFA World Cup 2022 Opening Ceremony in Qatar

The biggest sports event FIFA World Cup is going to be held in Qatar from today, it is the first football world cup to be held on Arab soil.

According to the details, FIFA World Cup 2022 is ready to be held, fans have camped in Qatar, teams have also arrived in Qatar for the football world cup, this is the first world cup that will be held on Arab soil.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Opening Ceremony

In the opening ceremony of the event, historic moment, when Qatar started by Quoting beautiful verses from Holy Quran. Fireworks also displayed at the ceremony. After the ceremony, the first opening match of the event was held between the host team Qatar and the teams of Ecuador. A total of 32 teams will fight for the trophy in the World Cup. Therefore, all the teams are divided into 8 groups of four each.

Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal and the Netherlands are in Group A, England, Iran, USA and Wales are in Group B, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland are part of Group C, Group D is France, Australia, Denmark and Tunisia. contain.

Spain, Costa Rica, Germany and Japan are included in Group E, Belgium, Canada, Morocco and Croatia are in Group F, Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon are in Group G while Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea are part of Group H.

In the group stage of the 12-day competition, four matches will be played daily and two teams from each group will qualify for the next stage.

The Football World Cup will be played between November 20 and December 18, 64 matches of the mega event will be played in 8 stadiums in 5 cities of Qatar, the final will be held on December 18, the French team will defend its title in the event.

FIFA 2022 Opening Ceremony

  • FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 opening ceremony.
  • FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 opening ceremony.
  • Morgan Freet and  Ghanim Al-Muftah
  • Hollywood star Morgan Freet at FIFAWorldCup opening ceremony.
  • Qatar-World-Cup-2022-Stadium FIFA
  • Qatar-World-Cup-2022-Stadium FIFA
  • Qatar-World-Cup-2022-Stadium FIFA
  • Qatar-World-Cup-2022-Stadium FIFA
  • Qatar-World-Cup-2022-Stadium FIFA

FIFA Football world cup opening ceremony start off Tilwat e Quran by Ghanim Al-Muftah. “O mankind, Indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you.” The Holy Quran (49:13). Hollywood star Morgan Freeman also participated the big event. He delivered a message of hope, unity and tolerance at FIFA World Cup opening ceremony in Qatar.


It should be noted that Qatar is the smallest country in the world to host the Football World Cup, Qatar has spent more than 200 billion dollars to successfully host the tournament.

The Pakistan team is not included in the FIFA World Cup this year, but it is a matter of honor for Pakistan that the football ‘Al-Rihalla’ produced in the Sialkot area of ​​Pakistan will be used in all the matches.



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