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Lahore Junction

A feature written on Lahore Junction __one of the busiest platforms in Pakistan Railway__ comes very close to understanding the life Journey.

The big clock is telling as it is 8’O clock now. It is a winter night. There is a main hall which is all covered with massive iron works. This presents a view of an old historic building. There are very few lights which are spreading pale yellow color at all. Silence and darkness are adding more to the whole building.

Only a few people can be seen on platform. Some have stalls while the others are sweepers and the railway daily workers. Soon later, a whistle blows after which there starts a rush of people. Now, more of the people can be seen in waiting section holding tickets in their hands. Some of them can be seen in a que for their turn to buy those tickets. They are also carrying heavy luggage with them.

As the time says its 08:30 PM now, a voice raises on all speakers announcing name of the train _Green Line_ is coming to platform. Some of the people are staying here for a reason to say good bye to their loved ones while the others are to receive their coming guests.

Silence is all broken now. There is a great hustle and bustle on the platform.  An old couple can also be seen sitting on the ground between these people. They are watching all around with hopes. Some kind hearted are visiting that couple, helping by giving some currency notes and throwing coins to box they are carrying. In return, they are giving well wishes, praying for their good health, safe journey and their good ranks in Janna.

Soon the train comes after the announcement. The passengers already on the train are getting out of train boxes and meeting with people waiting for their welcome. More of them are loaded fully and trying to get on the train as soon as possible. They seem more in hurry as every one of them is trying to get access the entry gate of their box.

Some of passengers are busy in loading their luggage to the train. Their eyes are full of tears while saying good bye to their love ones. Those emotions can be seen clearly. Their faces are sad because of going away of their houses, their families, friends and leaving them for some time but also, they are happy to meet the new ones at some new destination on other places. They are determined to face the new challenges of life and to take benefit of new opportunities waiting for them.

The train is now ready to go as it blows the whistle. The guard is waving the flag and giving a signal to operator. The clock is saying 9’O clock now. The engine begins to move and all the boxes started to give follow back to it. Train is leaving the platform now. Passenger’s families and friends are waving, giving good wishes and praying for their safe journey. Some baby girls can also be seen crying because they are going to miss them.

The train is getting out of reach now. People are ready to leave the platform quickly in coming minutes because already it’s too late for them and they can’t stay any more here. Except the main hall light, all other light are getting off. Again this platform is turning into darkness and in silence.

All the people including the railway staffs, passengers and hawkers are about to leave the platform but that old helpless couple is still sitting along a big pole. They are not so to buy happiness for them, nor do they have any other place to go there. They have also two children who recently joined them, while they are counting all their sums, making the plans for their life and fulfillment of their needs. Their life goes on like that on each day.

Life is all about journey. It must be move on in any way in any circumstances. The one who stays he fails and the one, who moves on, achieves his destiny. It is all full of sorrow and happiness. One should control his emotions and face those challenges bravely. These challenges are always full of opportunities, so one should avail those. Again, only consistency and hardworking are the keys behind every success story. 



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